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You’re in the right place if you’re interested in restoring your resiliency and quality of life.

One question, if we met up for tea, what would be your biggest question about how to thrive with work and life? Take a minute to let me know. 


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I would recommend Balanced Professional for people who are struggling with structuring their days and keeping a balance between their social life, JOY, and their work.

When we started working together, I was lost in the many projects I was handling as well as a major life-change. I was looking for a way to balance my extremely busy schedule with a social life, which I had always postponed.

I felt understood by Michelle. I achieved clarity about what I really wanted and then pursuing this and making it my goal. I became clear about the fact that I am worthy of some down-time either in the evenings or once or twice a week without stressing myself out. The program made me come back to my roots, see my day-to-day life as a whole and me as a person.


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Michelle helped me gain an understanding of the importance of being as nurturing with myself as I am with close friends and family, and that nonjudgmental self-compassion is something that we all need but were never taught as part of our perfectionism. I was encouraged to let go of my perfectionism and inner critic. I also learned that self-compassion is not selfish or self-indulgent and that being kinder to myself will not only decrease my anxiety, stress, and reactivity, it will also give me greater peace of mind, make me more productive, and allow me to build healthier relationships.

Some of the many helpful practical tips we discussed included starting our day with at least five minutes of something that we find restorative, setting time throughout the day for short breaks, and relaxing through deep breathing.

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