Release Your Neck, Relax Your Shoulders Workshop


April 3rd  9:30 am PST

Workshop Highlights


The quickest way to create more ease in your body, anywhere, anytime.


 Set yourself free from relying on pills to feel better and be equipped with your own tools.


The top three ways to lengthen your neck and release your shoulders.

What People Love about This Work …

"The exercises really help with spinal tightness and re-learning natural ways of being, the way we were as children before we tensed up.

Lori B. 

"The exercises are great. I love seeing how everything is connected."


"Great workshop! Easy to understand directions and really good movements."


I’m Michelle

Despite twenty-plus years of yoga, and perhaps because of my lifetime of athletic endeavors and random injuries, sometimes my spine gets a little unhappy. Sitting for too long on my computer certainly doesn’t help any either. So I spent a few years searching for a better and quicker way to stabilize my spine.

When I learned the spinal dance and discovered how to nurture my spine through movement, I knew I had to share this knowledge so that we can all easily create more flexibility in our spines in just a few minutes.

Join me for this workshop and you’ll learn some amazing facts about your spine as well as easy exercises to improve your spinal strength and flexibility so that you can move in all the ways your body loves. 

I’m also an experienced yoga instructor (500 hour yoga teacher) and Franklin Method Educator.


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