with Michelle

A virtual studio for classes in gentle, yin, and functional movement. Try for free for seven days.


Stregthen Body & Mind

restores balance

creates more ease in neck and back

promotes an open & flexible mind


Enhances Your Vitality

improves focus reduces reactivity/stress promotes happiness

Boosts Your Immunity

increases lymph drainage improves lung function helps you sleep deeper

Clients Say…

"I would recommend Balanced Professional for people who are struggling with structuring their days and keeping a balance between their social life, JOY, and their work. I felt understood by Michelle. I achieved clarity about what I really wanted and then pursuing this and making it my goal. I became clear about the fact that I am worthy of some down-time either in the evenings or once or twice a week without stressing myself out. The program made me come back to my roots, see my day-to-day life as a whole and me as a person."



"Michelle helped me gain an understanding of the importance of being as nurturing with myself as I am with close friends and family, and that nonjudgmental self-compassion is something that we all need but were never taught as part of our perfectionism."

Women’s Wellness Retreat participant


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