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The Busyness Cure

Let’s get real about busyness. You know what I’m talking about — you see a friend at the grocery store, she asks how you’re doing, and you reply, “Busy. I’m so swamped. I have so much going on.” And you do. Your to-do list is never ending.... read more

Three Myths That Kill Your Productivity

Being productive is like anything else in life: some people seem to do it naturally, and the rest of us need some help. Why is that? You could say some people are just lucky. I say you just need to unlearn some habits. FREE PRODUCTIVITY CHEAT SHEET … CLICK HERE... read more

Make “Working from Home” Your Most Productive Hours Yet

I recently had the good fortune to spend time with an incredibly talented group of successful women lawyers. One common theme that came up was the difficulty of finding the balance between work and life. Many of the women were able to work from home a few days a week,... read more